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Welcome to Episode 1 of Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast, led by expert hosts Dr. Ahmar Zaidi and Dr. Mike Callaghan from the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at the Children's Hospital of Michigan!  Each episode of Cheat Codes brings you a series of segments packed with critical education and research information that patients and families need to know, as well as updates and clarifications from the social media "buzz" around sickle cell.  Cheat Codes also features interviews with leading experts, moments from major conferences, and contributions from people living with sickle cell, all while Dr. Z and Dr. Mike keep the show fresh, fun, and off-the-cuff!  So sit back and enjoy the first ever episode of Cheat Codes: A Sickle Cell Podcast, produced by Believe Limited, and don't forget to subscribe to Cheat Codes on your preferred podcast player!

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