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Natalie interviews attendees of NHF’s 71st Bleeding Disorders Conference, Amy & Debbie recap a mental health session from the conference, and we preview a brand new podcast series featuring an incredible community story from Vanessa Flora.  Then, DISORDER: The Rare Disease Film Festival co-founder Daniel DeFabio joins Patrick to preview the 2019 festival and its films!  All that, plus, safety updates from NHF & HFA, streaming recs from Mama Sue, and more on Episode 41 of The BloodStream Podcast.

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Safety News

Genentech Issues Statement on Hemlibra Particles; MASAC Responds (10/7)

NHF and HFA’s Joint Letter on Product Safety (10/1)

Interview Segment:

DISORDER: The Rare Disease Film Festival:

A Moment For Mental Health Segment:


The Wingmen Foundation

Better Help

Support Groups

National Alliance On Mental Illness

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Mama Sue’s Streaming Recs:

Diet Fiction

For The Birds

Downton Abbey (the movie!)

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