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Show notes:

As we enter into a new phase of hemophilia treatments and products, the questions continue to grow and become more complicated by the day. Check out the latest episode of Ask the Expert, where we welcome Dr. Michael Wang, M.D. from the University of Colorado Hemophilia and Thrombosis center to discuss the current status of revolutionary potential treatments like gene therapy and non-factor replacements. Dr. Wang answers listeners own questions about the clinical trial process, research updates, what the medical community is encouraged about, as well as concerns being raised. In this true paradigm shift in how we view hemophilia treatment, the only consistent message from all sides as been - educate yourself and keep asking questions. Join us for a can’t miss episode of Ask the Expert!

Welcome to Episode 33 - or our Paradigm Shift in Hemophilia Treatment Episode - of the Ask The Expert Podcast! 

For the latest in clinical trial outcomes follow the National Hemophilia Foundation

“Strong gene therapy candidates are encouraged to have meticulous logging skills and the availability to be seen every week for a period of time.” Dr. Michael Wang, M.D.

“The future will be about individualized choice based on lifestyle and the type of protection you want in a treatment.” Dr. Michael Wang, M.D.

“We will begin to understand mild/moderate patients in depth going forward because of the treatment shift due to sheer volume.” Dr. Michael Wang, M.D.