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On episode 13, Dr. Ahmar and Dr. Mike talk about a place that hits close to home - their home, the great city of Detroit! Joined by prominent Detroit-based doctors, Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney and Dr. Patrick Hines, the four dive into the city's history, traditions, economic boom and downfall, and the effects these events have had on the disease and its community. The investigation into "Motor City" is the first of Dr. Mike and Dr. Ahmar's "Legacy" episodes, a series that highlights cities around the United States that have large sickle cell populations.

The episode tops off with a conversation with Vice President of Medical Affairs for GBT, Dr. Ken Bridges. A Detroit native, Dr. Bridges' passion for medicine led him to Harvard Medical School, where he founded a sickle cell clinic, and eventually to his highly prominent position at GBT.

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