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This month on The BloodStream Podcast, we breakdown “Clotting Factors: Aren’t They Basically All the Same?” from the May issue of  the Parent Empowerment Newsletter (PEN), we discuss one physician’s social media crusade to tear down “fake health news,” we listen to Tabitha White’s story of becoming a hemo mom after losing her hemophiliac father to AIDS, we interview European Haemophilia Consortium Chief Executive Officer Amanda Bok, and Debbie de la Riva leads the latest A Moment For Mental Health segment.  All that, and more, on Episode 37 of The BloodStream Podcast.

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This doctor is recruiting an army of medical experts to drown out fake health news on Instagram and Twitter

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Tabitha White’s “Positively Undefined.”

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Clotting Factors: Aren’t They Basically All The Same?

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The National Institute of Mental Health

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Interview Segment: Amanda Bok, CEO of European Haemophilia Consortium

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