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This month on The BloodStream Podcast host Natalie infuses host/husband Patrick for the first time, on mic (and video)!  Listen to the discussion around first infusions, infusion anxieties, and more on our Special Infusion Segment. A new Mental Health Resource Guide is the focus of our Moment For Mental Health Segment with Debbia de la Riva; headlines out of ISTH will come during our Comment Segment; “Is Medicare’s position on pain management changing?” is the central question of our Like Segment, and Ivon Giron shares his powerful Finding My Purpose piece during our Community Share Segment.  All that, plus Mama Sue, Parting Shots, and so much more on Episode 38 of The BloodStream Podcast.

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Medicare weighs whether to pay for acupuncture.

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Ivan Giron’s Finding My Purpose

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Nat & Pat’s First Infusion Video

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