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We also welcome Terilyn Shropshire to the show! Teri is a superstar editor who recently worked on the Charlize Theron Netflix film, The Old Guard. She speaks about how she approached editing an action film, how she got her start, and her path as an editor. She also breaks down one of the best scenes in the film and how she approached it from an editorial standpoint.


Additionally, we welcome our Players of the Week, Yoko Okumora, Azadeh Nikzadeh, and Mary McGloin to speak about how they are coping and staying creative during the pandemic.

Where to Find Terilyn and The Players of the Week!

The Old Guard is on Netflix, watch it now!

Terilyn Shropshire on IMDB

Mary McGloin's Website

Yoko Okumura's Website

Azadeh Nikzadeh's Website

Lisa Donato's Website

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