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Imagine doing your due diligence for an upcoming medical procedure by double checking your facility and providers are in-network with your insurance plan, only to later find out that a provider treating you (e.g., an anesthesiologist or radiologist) does not participate in your health plan’s network after you receive a huge out-of-network bill out of nowhere. This is one example of a healthcare issue known as “surprise billing” and it could cost you and your family thousands of dollars. Ask the Expert joins HFA Director of Policy, Miriam Goldstein, to break the issue down for our understanding and explains potential solutions Washington is debating to fix this issue. Also joining us is HFA Director of Advocacy, Sonji Wilkes, a community member who faced this issue firsthand when her son was born and recently shared her story with Congress. A can’t-miss episode of Ask the Expert for all our rare disease advocates!

Welcome to Episode 32 - or our Surprise Billing 101 Episode - of the Ask The Expert Podcast!

Disclaimer: The content contained within Ask The Expert is for informational purposes only. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any decisions about treatment or changes in physical activities.

If you receive a bill from an out-of-network provider for planned procedure or have further questions about surprise billing, contact HFA through their website:

If you have been experiencing issues with your insurance company, HFA wants to hear your story! Project CALLS [Creating Alternatives to Limiting and Lacking Services] is an opportunity for you to share your story and help the entire bleeding disorders community. HFA collects stories from across the country, collates the data, identifies trends, and uses the information to help policymakers and providers better understand and meet the needs of our community.

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“Surprise medical bills can arise in an emergency when the patient has no ability to select the emergency room, treating physicians, or ambulance providers.” - Miriam Goldstein, HFA Director of Policy

“Unexpected medical bills, including surprise medical bills, lead the list of expenses most Americans worry they would not be able to afford.” -Miriam Goldstein, HFA Director of Policy

“Don’t be discouraged, patients will always have the louder voice. Our job is to tell decision makers, this issue matters to me. It’s up to us.”

- Sonji Wilkes, HFA Director of Advocacy


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